tarahasatardis (tarahasatardis) wrote in dw_recs,

Tenth Doctor/Master(Simm) loooong fic

I'm looking for a really long Doctor/Master fic I read where Ten and the Master have to go to this weird little planet to escape something, and they're stuck there for like a month and then they can leave, but each of them keeps going back there to see each other and there are a ton of adventures, it's a really long fic, and towards the end, I think the Master has to save the Doctor from a coma state by mind melding and going in his head. Some other clues would be the Master's TARDIS is a tree on that weird planet, and at the end one of them goes to the last day of the weird planet and finds a regenerated someone there, but they aren't sure if it's the Doctor or the Master.
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